ST. CLOUD - You could be bringing a six-pack of your favorite Beaver Island beer with you to the lake as soon as next summer. Co-founder Nick Barth says they've made an offer on a 4.5 acre piece of land in the St. Cloud Airport Industrial Park.

The 10,000 square foot production facility will allow them to start packaging their beer in cans or bottles and sell it in local liquor stores.

When you start talking about packaged products like bottles or cans, you just need a bigger footprint. They just take up more space for warehousing and storage. And rather than trying to to off site storage, we realized we just need a bigger footprint.

Right now Beaver Island Beer is sold in their taproom in downtown St. Cloud, as well as at several other bars and restaurants.  Barth says the downtown taproom is not going away, and will stay the way it is.

The land they plan to buy is owned by the St. Cloud EDA. They'll consider the sale during their meeting tomorrow (Tuesday).

If everything goes well, Barth says they hope to break ground this fall.

Beaver Island Brewing Company opened in February of 2015.