I received a wonderful email this morning from a loyal Mix 94.9 listener, and recent 'Mix Summer Concert Series' winner.  Ann won a pair of tickets to see her favorite boy-band, Backstreet Boys last night at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul.  Needless to say, she had a wonderful time, and from the email below, you'll see its an experience she'll treasure forever.

Thanks Ann for your support, and for letting me share this with the rest of our audience.

Here's the email from 'Mix Insider,' Ann Marie Nelson.

Chad & Kelly,

I know you just randomly chose my name for the BSB concert tickets but I wanted to just write you and let you know that I had the time of my life last night.

My friend went with me and she had never been to a BSB concert before but she used to like them years ago, so it was perfect cuz she got to experience the craziness of BSB fans!! I had beer spilled on me and tall people in front of me but the memories I will never forget.

I have not seen these guys in many many years and to be back just brought back treasured memories and tears for the happy times i had back then. I wont ever forget this time yesterday. I will tell you I had no clue where the seats were and I also was having trouble finding someone to go with me. Well Monday I went to pickup my tickets and just about died when i saw they were floor seats!!!! Then my friend said she would go with me and so that made everything even better.

I love listening to you guys every morning and i think my friend just might start listening too as I told her about how i love your morning show and i love this Radio Station over so many others!!

I cant say thank you enough for all of this. I have Rox tickets for the diamond dig and so i cant wait to go to that with my husband and our boys!!

You made the 17yr old come back out in this 34yr old (and i could tell i was getting old thats for sure cuz the jumping around was surely taking a toll, lol!!) and it was just like old times seeing BSB perform and seeing Kevin back again was even better too!!!

Again, Thanks so very much for the tickets and this amazing experience!!

If I could just put one request in - tomorrow at about 8:20 (that's when we are in the car) can you please play a BSB song for me. Dont matter which one as I love them all!!! Well maybe my fave of all time is 10,000 promises but 2nd to that is probably Backstreets Back just because I know most of the dance moves to it!!! Thanks guys!

Love from a Loyal Listener and Super BSB Fan,

Ann Nelson