It's back to school time! Parents are excited to get the kids out of the house, the kids might be excited to get back to school, possibly more excited about seeing their friends and what they bring with to lunch each day!

When I was going to school, I always ate the lunch that was provided. I wish I could have brought my own lunch to show off in a cool lunch box!!! Besides the cool Lisa Frank folders and awesome backpacks, lunch boxes were awesome!

I decided to go around and ask each person you hear on Mix 94-9 what they would have used for a lunch box if they were going back to school this year.


Chad is one-half of the Get Up and Go Show. I personally didn't know Chad back in the school days, but I imagine him as Mr. Popular. Being a pro at public speech and all the other kids want to see what Chad has for lunch that day in his awesome Dukes of Hazzard lunch box!


Jen is one-half of the Get Up and Go Show and I've known her for just over a year now. I can see her as being at the top of her music class. Always singing in the hallways and sometimes on air! I know her and her husband have a drum set in their basement so it's no surprise that Jen would bring a lunch box with one of the "it" boybands of the year on it!


I've known Jim the longest here on staff;, he does the news weekday mornings with The Get Up and Go Show. What you may not know about Jim is that he loves the Minnesota Twins. If he could have any player, past or present on the lunch box, it would be Bert Blyleven.


You can hear Jay on the Get Up and Go Show at 8:20 weekday mornings for a recap in the latest Sports News. One might think he would choose a sports team to have on his lunch box, but he loves his Avengers! Jay is a family man, but I think he was the one who talked his kids into seeing the movie versus the other way around.


Tim does a lot of work for us behind the scenes with our amazing website. But, he is also on the Get Up and Go Show Wednesday mornings to help you on for Team Trivia at T.G.I. Fridays. Tim might be a lover of trivia, but he is also a huge fan of Dexter! When I told Tim I found a Dexter lunch box on etsy, I think he felt like he just won the lottery!

Ricky Woods

Ricky takes care of you during your mid day, and even during your lunch hour. She is fun and carefree! She's pretty crafty too! Put those two together and you can have your own Ricky Woods Muppet Show! I'm sure her daughter would love to have her very own Muppet Show lunch box, just like her mommy!

Marky Mark

Mark is the newest man in the studio. He takes care of you from 3-7 weekday afternoons. Mark has lived in several places, but we are happy he now calls St. Cloud home. Much like Leave it to Beaver, Marky loves adventures. Gee Wiz, you can even call up Marky for your own adventure home during the Drive-to-Five.


That's me! I'm your host of ClubMix. If I had a lunch box as a child it would have been Hello Kitty. I've always been a fan! Upbeat, fun and colorful. That's how I would describe myself then and now. Plus, I love animals and the color pink! Goes perfect with Hello Kitty!


Is the host of your Saturday mid day. Lynn as a student was into dance and loves sports! She may not be the worlds greatest athlete, she would tell you the same, but Cinderella fits Lynn to the T! She loves fashion, getting dolled up, and yes, she LOVES shoes!


The host of your Saturday In the Mix show. HK I can tell was a man that was born to entertain. He is the life of the party. When I asked him what lunch box he would want today, it was no surprise that it was music related. He may not want a lunch box that is pink like the one to the left, but it comes equipped with an FM tuner and speakers!! HK would be the life of the table taking his classmates requests and spinning them for you on his own little DJ table that doubles as a lunch box. The speakers may need to be a little bigger though!

So, if you were going back to school this year, what would be on your lunch box? Feel free to comment below!!

On a side note: If you are looking for easy, healthy things to pack into your kids lunch box this school year, has awesome videos to make packing lunch easy! Click here to visit: Making Lunch Easy.