I hate even saying "back to school" but in less than a month, the buses will be back. Here are a few ways you can avoid losing your mind while getting routines down and schedules organized.

File The Notes

Kids likely have one textbook, one notebook and one file folder for each class. Add on handouts, worksheets and whatever else school piles on nowadays and if kids have seven classes a day, that backpack can get very heavy very quickly. Lighten the load and get one notebook with perforated sheets and an accordion folder with tabs you can write on. Write the names of each class on separate tabs and attach them to the different compartments in the accordion folder. Take notes in the one notebook, tear the notes out and insert them into the corresponding compartment. At the end of the week, remove the notes and handouts and have a similar filing system at home so nothing gets lost. That way, come test time, it will be super simple to access everything covered in the syllabus and you won’t waste precious study time looking for that vocabulary list.

Stock Up

Ever had a post-dinner freak out because you have no poster board for the science project presentation the next morning? Prevent frazzled runs to the store by stocking up on glitter, paint, scissors, construction paper, crayons, markers, glue, felt, tape, thumb tacks, index cards, highlighters and poster board now so you're ready for the big presentation. Use a clear plastic bin to keep everything together. Then, take a Sharpie and write on separate pieces of masking tape exactly what’s in the box. When you run out, remove the masking tape and stick it on your grocery list so you don’t forget to replenish the supply.

Plan Ahead

You can also prevent post-dinner freak outs by getting a week by week planner to keep track of assignments and presentations. Each day, take a look at your child’s planner and transfer it to the family calendar so there are no surprises.

Pack and Unpack Accordingly

Take a look at your child’s planner and unpack the book bag. As each assignment gets completed, immediately place it back in the bag so nothing gets forgotten at home.

Keep It or Toss It

This is a perfect rainy day activity that you can turn into a game. Have the kids put on a fashion show. Set the stereo to their favorite music and get your children try on their clothes. They can “model” for you by walking through the living room/den/family room and anything they don’t like or that’s old, faded, torn, worn out or too small, get rid of it. This will open up space in closets and dressers for the new stuff.

How Do You Keep Track of Everything?