Have you ever wondered, ladies, why your man won't open up to you?  Sometimes it seems like he's got a lot on his mind, and yet, he really doesn't seem to want to talk.  Well, he may know that if he confides in you his deepest, darkest, most personal thoughts - that you are likely to share them with others in @ 32 minutes! 

And even more disturbing than women only keeping a secret for thirty-two minutes, is the fact that the secrets women love to blab about the most, are the important ones, having to do with; husband/boyfriend, work, friends, and kids.

So, the stuff that should be kept the MOST private - is usually the stuff that she CAN'T WAIT to tell someone.  Doesn't seem fair.

The same study says that 85% of American women love hearing gossip about others.

15% of American women admit to starting gossip about someone deliberately, that they knew WAS NOT TRUE!  Now that's low.

Just remember - what comes around, goes around.

And also remember that what you hear 'going around' - may not necessarily be the truth.