We had a taste of summer with temperatures close to 80 recently, but this past week and a half with the colder rainy days I was happy to put the pants on instead of the shorts or skirt. Hello, white legs!

Nothing screams "Minnesotan" like our white legs after winter. Unless you have been tanning all winter long, in that case I am jealous of you! I wish I would have gotten a head start to the bronzed skin. Two of my co-workers started tanning and I saw their tan glow and the light bulb went off.  Chad from the Get Up and Go Show has been tanning at Sunshine Palace and I decided to give them a try. I lived in Texas for close to three years and always came home looking like I was out at the beach all day, but I didn’t. I got to work all day instead of taking a “sick” day to relax by the pool. I’m a fake-n-baker as some would say.

Looking at my checking account online and seeing the lack of funds, I got smart and shopped The Value Connection! Sunshine Palace is on the Value Connection and can save you 50% this week with their certificates! Tanning for less money, sign me up!

I may be a little odd in my thinking, but I honestly feel better about myself when I tan. Maybe it’s the UV rays giving me happiness, the 12 minutes of relaxing under the bulbs, or the bronzed skin that brightens up my face that does the trick. Give me a week and the pasty white legs will be ready for the beaches of Miami; whenever I take a vacation! The swimsuit will have to wait much longer!

Here is your chance to WIN! Up for grabs my friends is a weeks worth of tanning or Two Spray Tans at Sunshine Palace! Simply take a photo of your white legs and upload them below and I will randomly pic a winner Monday April 2nd! Deadline to submit photos is Sunday, April 1st at Midnight! We may be using the photos after a contest for a gallery, but don't worry, we won't include your name :)