According to a new study by one lingerie company, the answer is yes. So, how do you tell if you're wearing the wrong bra size? How do you properly measure? It's less complicated than we think.

A new study done by Wacoal shows that 90 million American women are wearing the wrong bra size.

The company looked at 750 women over the age of 18 and found 8 out of 10 are wearing too small of a cup with too big of a band. So, how do you know what the proper size is and how do you properly measure?

Trying on bras can often times be even more mortifying than trying on swimsuits, but it's totally worth it. Wearing the proper sized bra can do wonders for your looks. If you are wearing too big of a band, your bra will ride up in the back making the girls fall forward and it not only makes them look droopy and sad, but it can also accentuate the muffin top. Time with a professionally trained fitter can be a really informative experience. It opened my eyes.

The best advice here is to go and get fitted by a pro at least once per year. If you've had a baby and are no longer using the nursing bra, it's a good idea to go get fitted for some new regular bras. It's also a good idea to get fitted for new bras if you gain or lose weight. As little as ten to 15 pounds can alter your band and cup size.

When you're measuring, use fabric measuring tape and measure around your bust. The tape should be snug, but not too tight. Then, move the tape up to the fullest part of your bust and measure there. Again, it should be snug, but not smashing them down. Take that measurement and subtract the band measurement to find your cup size. So, if it's 36 inches around the bust and 40 inches over the fullest part of your bust, that's a difference of four inches, so your bra size is a 36D. If you have an odd number like a 33 or a 35, round up so you're actually a 34 or a 36.

How do you know if you're wearing the wrong size? Not only will the band ride up if it's too big, the opposite will happen if your band is too small. Yes, it will stay in place, but you'll get bulges and the dreaded back fat. Don't fall for the gimmick bra that says it gets rid of back bulges. If you're wearing the right cup and band size with a thick enough band, you won't have them. Do your straps fall off your shoulders or dig in? Do the twins pop up over the top of the cup? You're wearing the wrong bra size.

One thing to remember when you're trying on bras is don't get hung up on the number and the letter. If you're a 38C with one bra, you may not be the same size with another manufacturer. You could be a 36D or a 34B so try them on for size and wear a plain white t-shirt when you go try them on. That way, you'll know if the bra will show through your shirt and white shows every lump and bump so you're going to see if they're popping out of the cup or if you have back bulges.

I'm speaking from experience here when I say that when you're trying on bras, stay away from stretchy straps. The elastic will wear out and make the girls droopy. Also stay away from plastic rings and plastic adjusters on the straps. They just break. If you like a particular style, buy two or three and rotate them. Try not to wear the same one every day. Elastic needs time to snap back into place and if you're stretching it every day, your bras are going to wear out much faster. Another good idea is to invest in a lingerie bag. Don't wash your bras with your other under things. The hooks can catch on lace or a loose thread from a sock and get bent very easily.

Getting fitted for a bra doesn't cost any money; or at least it shouldn't cost any money, aside from what you're paying if you're buying the bra.  Several reputable department stores have certified bra fit specialists. Lane Bryant also offers free bra fittings. Take the time to do it and invest in some good bras. It's totally worth it and your wardrobe, back, neck and shoulders will thank you for it.