Do you enjoy your life? Are you doing things that make you happy?  If you aren't growing  your desires, your body will let you know. Here are some signs that you are wasting your talents in the wrong place.



1. Your Resume Isn't Changing

  • Once a year you should pull out your resume and start updating it.  If you look at it and you can't change anything because you haven't learned anything new, start taking on new responsibilities or ad some notable accomplishments.

2. Your Star Isn't Rising

  • If you are working at getting recognition for your accomplishments at work, and everyone is racing past you with awards, maybe it's time to consider a different career path.

3. Your Flame Isn't Growing

  • If you are beating up on yourself everyday instead of learning and loving the path you are on, it may be that this flame has burnt out.  Start thinking about what would make you happy.

4. Your Muscles Aren't Getting Bigger

  • Your talent muscles work just like your physical muscles...If you don't use them, practice, practice, practice...

5. Your Sphere Of Influence Isn't Expanding

  • If you are in the right job, people will notice what you do, and thank you for the job that you do.  People will ask you to take on more responsibility, try new things, and they'll be willing to introduce you to their colleagues.

6. Your Marketability Isn't Improving

  • If you work for an employer that doesn't have credibility, it will hurt you as well. It may be a good idea to look outside and get out of the box.

7. You're Not Moving Down Your Path

  • Your job should send you down the path toward the future that you envision for yourself.  If you are somewhere shining and you're not being recognized or happy, then maybe it's time to move forward toward the life you want.