A set I think would be fun to work on is apparently not all that it's cracked up to be.

"National Enquirer", so therefore who knows if it's really true or not, says the two stars of "Mike & Molly", Melissa McCarthy and Billy Gardell are at war with each other.

It's almost like a relationship. Billy thinks that he is the true star of the show and is angered that Melissa is getting all the attention. Tensions between them are growing because she is basking in her Emmy award.

"Billy is worried that Melissa is getting way too big for her britches, and it didn't help that at last year's Emmys she was crowned with a tiara.  Billy's ego is bruised."

Melissa won an Emmy for the show last year, and is nominated again this year. She also got an Oscar nomination this past year for "Bridesmaids". What has Billy won!?!? All joking aside, these two seem like they would be so much fun to work with!

I think the story is a bunch of bull, but it was too funny to pass up! But, I could be wrong. We know how often Enquirer stories turn out to be true. Either way, I would pick Team Melissa for the win! You go girl!

When you outshine your man, does he get a little jealous?

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