A new survey found that margaritas are now the most popular drink in America. Daiquiris are second, and pina coladas are third. When I was on tour two weeks ago, all I craved was a regular margarita on the rocks.

Here are the five most popular cocktails in the country:

1. Margarita . . . 60% of people have ordered one at a bar or restaurant in the past three months. (YES!)

2. Daiquiri, 44%. (My wife would have a few)

3. Pina colada, 36%. (Kelly's favorite)

4. Long Island iced tea, 33%. (haven't had one in 20 years)

5. Mojito, 29%. (Love these)

The survey also found that one out of four Americans have ordered a cocktail at a bar or restaurant in the past few months, and paid an average of $8.72 for one. It gets very pricey now a days to go out for a drink. Read more at PR Newswire.