The latest unemployment numbers are in and there was some good news on the economic front. Another sign that the economy may be turning around is that Companies are throwing parties, giving gifts and bonuses to employees. 

Career Builder recently conducted a survey and found that employers are ramping up their holiday plans.

Forty percent say that they will be giving a Christmas bonus this year, up from 33% last year. Among the companies that are shelling out the cash, 14% say they are increasing the bonus amount this year, but another 13% are decreasing the amount.

The number of Companies throwing holiday parties is going up, too. Almost 60% say that yes, they are having a party. That's up from 52% last year, but workers didn't sound too thrilled about the parties. Only 36% say they plan to attend a Company holiday party.

Thirty percent of employers say are planning to give their employees some type of holiday gift. That's up from 29% last year. Employees say that they are also planning on giving back to the boss, with 22% of them saying that they will chip in for the head honcho. The same amount of people say they will be exchanging gifts with their coworkers. Out of those exchanging gifts, 79% say they're not spending more than $25. Twelve percent say they're not even going to spend $5.

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