We’re all beautiful, but there are some things in our bathrooms that we rely on to keep us that way. Turns out, some of them are downright useless. Who knew?

If you have problem skin or acne, you may think that washing it with a cleanser formulated for acne, but that’s not always true. Many cleansers dry your skin out which just make it more irritated. Did you know that acne may need to be treated with antibiotics? I had a girlfriend in high school that had acne and got some prescription antibacterial soap to wash her face and it cleared up in no time.

Speaking of skin; I exfoliate my face and body in the shower with my little scrubby thing probably once per week, but did you know that exfoliation creams can make you age faster and who wants to do that? It turns out that when you exfoliate, yes you get rid of the dead skin on top and the skin underneath is all nice and soft, but did you know that new skin is more prone to damage? Yikes! According to Web MD, you should exfoliate in the morning and then apply a moisturizer that works with your skin. If you don’t know which one to use, talk to a skin care specialist.

I used to love the knee buckling burn I would get from my mouthwash. Turns out I need to rethink that. Your mouthwash doesn’t need to contain alcohol. The alcohol isn’t really used to kill bacteria. It’s used as a binder to keep certain ingredients from separating. Alcohol actually dries out your mouth and that can lead to more bacteria growth, decay and bad breath. Dr. Thomas Connelly is an oral health expert and he says that using mouthwash with alcohol can lead to an increased risk for oral cancer. It’s better to brush, floss and use alcohol free mouthwash.