Ok two stories in one here. But I promise you they are connected in some form.

First up, it looks like there could be another divorce in the Kardashian household, that is according to "National Enquirer" anyway. Bruce Jenner apparently is tired of Kris Jenner putting work ahead of their relationship. He wants a life away from the T.V. cameras. He even laughed about the online petition asking E! to dump "Keeping Up With The Kardashian's" because he blames the show for their marital problems.

If this is true, do you blame him? It's all about the Kardashian Brand. Kris even wanted to change her last name back to Kardashian at one point during the filming of their reality show.

Clearly the Kardashians are famous, like it or not, but this moves us to the reason for this post. Kate Gosselin wanting that same family empire.

In another "National Enquirer" story they claim that Kate emailed Kris gushing about how much she admires Kris for turning her family into international superstars. Kate is hoping Kris can mentor her on how to turn her kids into a money-making machine, basically Kardashian 2.0. As crazy as this sounds, would you put this past Kate. She is pretty desperate to keep up with her lavish lifestyle she got used to while filming her own TLC Reality Show, Kate Plus 8.

"I hope you can teach me some of your magic tricks" is how Kate supposedly ended the email.

My personal thoughts? The Kardashians are old enough to say no they don't want to be apart of the show. How much do Kate's kids understand what their mom may be trying to do? This story makes me think of the little girls on "Toddlers and Tiaras." Pageant moms going over board for what, cash, crowns, and way to much money spent on fake lashes, tanning, fake hair, and a title of being a crazy mom? I may not have any kids, but I would hope I would never exploit them for money. I hope to have a boy someday that has my broad shoulders and makes it to the NFL, but it would be his choice, not mine.

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