Just because you are able to speak well on camera does not mean you can come up with the best words on your own.

Recently, at the Golden Globes, Anne Hathaway won Best Supporting Actress for 'Les Miserables'. Her acceptance speech in my mind was pretty well. She thanked the academy, the fellow actresses in her category that she was nominated in, her husband . . .

While she was saying her thanks, she didn't have any notes in her hand. Maybe she had her speech memorized and did it wonderfully. Maybe a a little too long, but nothing embarrassing. For the Oscars, Anne apparently has decided to hire a writer to write her acceptance speech. That is, if she wins. If not, I guess it was good practice for the writer.

“She’s so sure she’ll win that she’s working with a team of writers to compose a ‘killer’ acceptance speech.”

When actors win and get up and act surprised and thank everyone under the sun, some have notes and it's clear that they wanted to be prepared. I don't blame them. But, why go through the trouble of having someone else write your speech. In my own opinion when you speak from your heart, it shows that you are genuine. Not saying that if you have a speech prepared doesn't mean your words are not genuine, but I would hope they are your own words.

Do you think it's odd to have someone else write your acceptance speech?

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