You think you had a bad day? Imagine coming home and finding all of your things in your front yard and profanities spray painted all over your car.  It happened in Wisconsin. 


The famous saying goes, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" and one woman in Superior, Wisconsin took that to heart and what she did literally stopped traffic.

Now, I've never been divorced, but I've heard stories that it can get downright nasty. Apparently this woman was so angry at her ex-husband, she took everything he owned and threw it out in the front yard. The junk pile was also adorned with "FREE" signs so passersby could just take what they wanted. Not only were all of his belongings in the front yard, she also took spray paint to his black SUV and scrawled the word "cheater" all down the passenger side and other vulgarities on the exterior of the vehicle.

Of course with social media the way it is nowadays word spreads even more quickly than it did before and this spectacle generated so much buzz around town, people literally drove to the home to gawk and take pictures. The fine men and women of the Superior Police Department thought that it was such a hazardous situation, they towed the SUV away. While authorities say that if someone wants to spray paint a vehicle in their front yard, there is no law against doing so, but it generated such a traffic hazard, they had no choice.

The situation apparently came to a head on Tuesday when the couples' divorce was finalized. Want to see the pictures? Click HERE.