As a young girl, I remember having my bedroom plastered with posters of "cute" guys! My man of choice was Bryan White, a country singer! Don't judge. Anyway, the Jolie-Pitt house has a little bit of a problem. Angie's first adopted child, Maddox, seems to have a crush on Jennifer Aniston! Yup, her man's ex-wife! Talk about awkward!

Maddox is ten and has become infatuated with Jennifer. As one could guess, Angelina isn't so happy about that.

According to The National Enquirer,

"Jennifer is not only winning the puppy love of Angelina's son but is also beating her in magazine polls. She is incredibly jealous of Jennifer's girl-next-door image, and believe me, she won't be letting Maddox put any posters of her on his walls."

True or not, I don't blame Maddox for seeing Jennifer as a beautiful woman, in my eyes I would love to have her toned body and flawless face!

When you were a child, did you have a crush on a celebrity? Who did you put posters up of?

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