To many of us, our dog is just as important as any member of the family.

In fact, at times, many of us spoil our dogs far worse than we do our kids. Which makes the following all that more hard to believe.

Happy Paws Pet Resort in Ontario, Canada is opening a second location that will include 14 brand new "villas" for dogs.

Most "people" have never stayed in a 'villa'.  But your pooch can, if the price is right (forgive me Bob Barker).

The  new facility has themed villas that include beds, couches, televisions, music, recreation areas, heated floors and even have security systems.

The spaces will all be equipped with cameras that will allow owners to watch what their pet is doing over the Internet.  Though, I don't know why you would want to spy on your pet, if you're willing to put him up in a villa!

While pampering your dog is certainly neither a waste of time, nor money - spending @ $200 a night for a doggie hotel - just may be a little extravagant for most of us....

The dog has pretty much taken over the bed, anyway, right?