Mila said "YES" after Justin Timberlake talked her into it. But, now it seems Mila will be shooting two movies during the time of the Ball, which is November 18th in North Carolina, so she actually might not be able to make it. Instead, she'll meet with Scott personally some time after he returns from Afghanistan.

But this may not even be worth talking about . . . because Mila's people are supposedly working to make sure she CAN fit the ball into her schedule.

NOW, a Female Marine is asking Justin Timberlake to the Ball on November 12th, in D.C.

Corporal Kelsey De Santis is the first female to jump on this opportunity. And like JT said to Mila, "Do it for our Country! Justin pretty much HAS TO say yes, doesn't he?

I am going to make a YouTube Video asking Joe Mauer out! You think he would do it? Even though he apparently already has a girl friend?!

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