Haunting, yet beautiful is the way many people have described Molly Kate Kestner’s original song called "His Daughter".

The senior from Austin, MN has seen her home video for "His Daughter" reach almost 200,000 views after one week. Kestner even received a mention from HLN, a website that lists "must see" videos each day and she is becoming a global hit.

Kestner had this to say about her song on Facebook, “Okay….So this is probably my favorite song I’ve ever written"... “I wrote it a year ago but I never posted it because I wanted to save it for my senior solo, but now that’s over … so I am FINALLY sharing it with the world. It’s called ‘His Daughter’ and it is a story. So I hope you are inspired as I was when I wrote it. Happy Easter".

Check out Kestner's original song "His Daughter" below, and I'm sure this isn't the last we'll hear from her.