Mr. Bean.  The cat that caught my eye back in 2013. As I was listening to my friend Vickie Davis, from the Tri County Humane Society talk about this sweet cat, I couldn't help but look him up on tri county's website. He was so adorable. His owner had passed away, and he'd been at the shelter for quite some time. Boy! Did people miss out on a great one. We are so blessed.

I went to pick him up that afternoon, and he was over at the Petsmart store. When I went in, I asked to see Mr. Bean. Someone handed him to me. He was sad. He was depressed. He didn't hardly even move. I could tell he was just not a happy cat. Beyond that, he wasn't feeling anything.

Kelly Cordes

I picked up a cat carrier, food, some litter and toys, and we started on our way home.

For the first day, he hid under my bed. The second day, he started snooping around, saying hi to all of us. He started playing..purring...and we've never been the same.

Kelly Cordes

Mr. Bean is lovingly called "CAT" by the boys. They all love him. He's loving...non temperamental. He loves going outside, and snuggling at night. He talks to us. He answers when we ask him questions...He loves to be loved.

Recently, Mason said he though I needed to take CAT to the vet. He'd  been stumbling, and as of late, sleeping a lot.

We took him to the vet yesterday, and he had a temperature of 104. He was yellow, and Doctor Riddle from Princeton said that meant his liver. Liver issues are never good for cats, but because he had a fever, he's hoping we can save him.

He's been on his antibiotics for one day now.  Dr. Riddle  from Northwoods Animal Hospital in Princeton....will be calling me this afternoon with his blood test results. I'm praying Mr. Bean has lots of time left with us. We're not ready to let him go.