Alex Clare has a hot song on the radio now called "Too Close." That song almost wasn't a hit, but Microsoft decided to change Alex's fate.

So how did Microsoft help Alex Clare and his musical career?

"I got an email from someone at Microsoft asking permission to use (the song). I said yes, not thinking much more of it."

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Alex's career might have been over if technology giant Microsoft hadn't stepped in and asked to use "Too Close" as the theme for an ad campaign for Internet Explorer 9. Since the ads started running in March, the song has become a smash, changing the direction of Alex's career.

His 2011 album, The Lateness Of The Hour was a flop and Alex was dropped by his label. Universal Republic signed Alex to a new deal and re-released the alum this past May. Since the IE 9 commercial premiered, "Too Close" has been downloaded over 1.2 million times!

Alex did have a chance to go on tour with Adele but he passes because he is an observant Orthodox Jew and the tour would have been during Passover. Even though he had to pass on the chance of a lifetime to get his music out there supporting Adele, when it's meant to be, something will happen to make your dreams come true! Hard work and dedication!

Check out the commercial that re-launched Alex Clare's career

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