CNN and Rolling Stone reported virtually simultaneously last night that the Brit songbird has cancelled the rest of her US shows on this tour. The last 10 shows were make-up shows from a cancel earlier in the year.

Adele has been plagued with health problems through this entire tour, starting back in December of last year when her voice was weakened by a flu. That lead to a bout with laryngitis in January. She followed doctor's orders and stuck with a regime of vocal rest and exercises, but before her May show in Minneapolis the problems resurfaced and she was forced to cancel that show and several others afterward. Shortly after that she was diagnosed with a vocal hemorrhage and was set on strict vocal rest

She returned in glory at The iTunes Festival and the VMA's, then began making up dates. But in September she contracted a respiratory and chest infection which sidelined her once again. More cancels and more anti-biotics gave her a respite... but now, only 9 shows into the 15 make-good concerts, her voice has dropped out again.