Wow, it really has been six years since * in a Box was on Saturday Night Live. That video still makes people laugh. Who can top a Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg digital short? I'm rooting for Adam Levine!

Adam Levine is like the new Justin Timberlake. (Even though JT is coming back.) This Saturday, Adam will be the host of SNL and yes, he was spotted in L.A. this past weekend shooting a video with Andy Samberg and his comedy crew called The Lonely Island.

No one knows what they guys have up their sleeves, but I'm hoping we love it!!

Possible titles for their song:

"I'm on a Cellphone" (Parody of Payphone and I'm on a Boat)

"One More Lazy Night" (Parody of One More Night and Lazy Sunday)

"She Will Live in a Box" (Parody of She Will Be Loved and **** in a Box)

"I Love You Jade" (A song for me from Adam!!!)

I'm sure the last one will be the one they go with, right!? Anyway, I can't wait until Saturday night to watch SNL. I haven't watched the entire show in years, but I can't miss Adam!

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