The much anticipated second album from Adam Lambert "Tespassing" is now in stores and is #1 on the Billboard Top 200 album charts! I also have the honor of playing the entire album, from start to finish tonight at 10! Make sure you tune in the hear the full album! Here is my official review of Trespassing and what the songs mean to me.


The album kicks off with a great dance jam! Yea, I said jam. From the beginning of the song with the clapping I was bobbing my head to the music, hips moving to the beat. "Who are you and where are you from?" What a great line. Often times when you walk in to an unknown place, they immediately judge you. Almost like you have to prove you are worthy to be in their "space." But Adam says he doesn't need any sympathy and will shine. Keep climbing that mountain. You know how valuable you are and don't for one second forget that you can reach anything you put your mind to. I get a very Michael Jackson vibe off this title track. Trespassing is one of my favorites off his second album.


Another dance hit! I am a lover of music with a great beat. I love to dance. If I am out with the ladies, you can probably find me on the dance floor. Cuckoo to me is a song about not caring what others think of you. "Walk that walk like you don't give a ...." From the start of Adam's run on American Idol, the negative backlash came out about his sexuality. Who cares in my opinion. Judge Adam on his music, not his personal life. Adam "proved" the world he can sing by placing second on AI. He proves himself as a musician to his fans by pumping out another heartfelt I don't care what you say about me song!


A very funky fun song off Trespassing. "Shady" features Nile Rodgers and Sam Sparro. "Baby I'm on the hunt, I got my target on you, trouble, that's what I want..." The I don't care that my heart is broken song, I am going to get over the Ex and just have fun. Forget my troubles and heartache and give me what I want. Whatever your "kick" is, realize that having fun is much better than having a pitty party for one.


The second single off the album, seems to be a fan favorite as I am getting tweets, calls, and emails for this song all day everyday! I love this song. It's like you just met an amazing person and you want to spend every second with them. You don't want the night to end because you are having so much fun with that person. "None of us are promised tomorrow." Too often we do forget that we don't know when our time is up. Live life for the moment. "Fight the sleep in your eyes, I don't want to miss a second with you." Man, this song makes me want to get out there and find the man that feels the same way about me.


Another Michael Jackons/Jackson 5 feel to the song. I got the vibe its about someone drinking and having a few too many drinks and doing some crazy things! Shot after shot, getting the feeling of being on the cloud floating around the room, using the drink as liquid encouragement. Been there, done that, glad I made it out without making the wrong decisions. Not one of my top favorites off the album, but not a song I would skip over either.


The sixth song on the album I think is about being hesitant to make a move on someone you have an attraction for. Not wanting to be the first person to move the relationship to the next step. Not sure if it's what you want, but feeling it is right. "Roll the dice, get lucky tonight, I know you're holding back." I'm sure majority of us have been there. Being in a relationship, not sure if the other person feels the same way, but yet you can't step up and say what you want, do what you want for fear of rejection.


The first 8 seconds of "Pop That Lock" remind me of Benny Benassi, very electronic sound. Another one of my favorite songs on the album. Uptempo in sound, makes you want to hit the dance floor. "If you wanna be it, you got to dream, If you got the key, then baby, pop that lock." Pop and lock is a popular term referencing dance moves, precise movements held until the next quick move. Possibly a song about dancing, but I don't think so. I think it might be about a person showing someone else the moves and telling them it's on if you want it.


The first single off "Trespassing" is a little bit slower. Typically I am not a fan of slow songs, but if you listen to the lyrics the meaning of the song. "I sometimes tend to lose my temper, and I cross the line, yeah, that's the truth. I know it gets hard sometimes, but I could never leave your side, not matter what I say." A song about a relationship that is not perfect. They act like they don't need you, but deep down they know that if they were not with you, they would be lost. No relationship is perfect. "You're the only person, that knows me better than I know myself." Isn't that the truth when it comes to love. When it's real, open, and honest, it's like the other person can tell you your next move. They know you in and out and love you, all of you, good and bad.


Another slow song I would probably have skipped over this song if I wasn't writing a review. After listening to the lyrics and the emotion behind the song, it's something that we can all relate to. "Once it's out of your mouth, can't take it back." You say things in the heat of the moment you don't mean to say, or the words get twisted in your head and come out wrong, but you know you can't fix the damage that has been done with the words spoken. A good reminder to try and think before you talk. But, that's also easier said than done.


Again with the slow songs, makes me want to take my makeup off and just have a good cry. For not being a fan of slow songs, "Underneath" brings me to an emotional state that I don't like to bring myself to. The lyrics are so powerful, you can feel the pain coming from Adam's voice. ""Everybody wants to talk about a freak, no one wants to dig that deep, let me take you underneath." If I were to take a guess on what song is the most emotional song for Adam, Underneath would be my pick. "Underneath tears in my eyes, underneath starts in my black and blue sky." "Welcome to my world of truth." Being bullied as a child and still feeling like the oddball when it comes to certain things in life, this song brings a special meaning to me personally. The bullies don't realize the damage they cause to others and how it can affect them later in life. Late at night when you are sitting there crying because your mood is so low, look to that black and blue sky and see the sun on the horizon! If someone hasn't told you today, I am telling you now that you are an amazing person! Don't think any different!


The feeling of leaving something you once loved so much, you run away but can't fully put it in the past, is what I get from "Chokehold." "I keep running away, running away, running away from you. But I can't stand breaking the chains, its' too good." The cheesy life saying, "Let it go, if it was meant to be yours, it will come back." Sometimes the cheesiest life sayings are so true. Things are meant to be, and if not, something else will be meant to be yours.


The final song on the album is another slow song. But take a listen to the lyrics and the tone of Adam's voice. Another song that I believe is a personal song. "Always on the run, they say we'll rot in hell, well, I don't think we will." Loving someone so much and hearing the hate of others, I could not imagine having to go through that. I fully support the LGTB community. I don't care who you love, who are we to say it's wrong and not right. A strong message from Adam from a personal standpoint. Keep being proud Adam, you fans love you no matter what!

Overall, I would give Trespassing a B+. Great follow up album with strong lyrics, a great vocal range, you can feel his passion in his music. If there would be one less slow song and one more I wanna dance my butt off "jam" the album would have gotten an A. I'm sure it doesn't hurt when you have a true fan reviewing your album. His voice speaks volumes to his fans.

Favorite Songs: Trespassing, Cuckoo, Shady, Naked Love, Pop That Lock, and Underneath. Surprising myself by putting a slow song on my favs. Sometimes when you need to cry, hearing a song that speaks to you can do that magic trick.

What do you think of "Trespassing?" What are you favorite songs on the album"