With all the news on "Today" and the changing of co-hosts," Good Morning America" will be having a change of line-up, but for very different reasons.

Robin Roberts announced a few weeks ago that she was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome, a serious blood and bone marrow disease. She is a five-year survivor of breast cancer and doctors believe it was from the medicine used to help her beat the cancer that gave her this new disease.

Robin has already begun chemotherapy, but will require surgery in a few months. Her sister is almost a perfect match for a bone marrow transplant, and when she goes off for surgery, GMA will be looking to fill her spot. Reports say she could be gone up to four months, but since she is in good physical shape and she caught it early, she could be back behind the lens sooner.

Producers are reportedly eyeing Diane Sawyer, Charlie Gibson, Barbara Walters, Chris Cuomo, Connie Chung and Joan Lunden for guest spots; each of which would serve a week on the morning show.

Robin, everyone wishes you well!

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