This could have been yours truly.  Back in 2005, a women in South Carolina rented a VHS copy of the romantic-comedy 'Monster-in-Law' starring Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda.  A very young Kayla Finley (18 at the time), either forgot to return the movie or just didn't care, either way, the late fees finally caught up with her.

Fast forward to 2014 and you will see a very pretty mug shot of poor Kayla.  She had to spend the night in jail courtesy of ignoring several letters telling her to turn herself in for the past nine years.  The video store, which happens to be out of business, reported her for stealing and wanted JUSTICE.  Let's hope they feel better and the citizens of Greenville can rest better, knowing a hardened criminal is off the street.

Don't get me wrong, she should have returned the movie, but a night in jail, come on? What do you think?  Did she deserve it?