If there is one thing about kids I actually do know, it's that a quiet kid means they are up to no good or they found out how to get out the front door.

My two year old niece figured out how the deck door works at grandma's house and before you know it, grandma was running around asking where she was... then, you heard a very faint, "buh bye" and sure enough, she was on her way down the stairs of the deck with a big smile and waving bye to everybody.

A kid in Nebraska showed my niece by escaping while his mom used the bathroom in their apartment. The three-year-old boy took advantage of his mom's potty break and headed out, and he got a ways away. The mother, in a panic, called the police... at the same time, the police were getting calls from a bowling alley about a young boy trapped inside a claw machine. You know, one of those machines you put a dollar in to win a stuffed animal but the grip is never tight enough to hold your stuffed dog... yeah, one of those. He crawled up where the prizes drop.

When everybody showed up, the kid didn't even notice right away, he was just having fun with the toys. The vending machine employees got the boy out safely and everything is fine.

Where's the strangest place you found your child after they slipped away when your back was turned?

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