This is one of my biggest fears. Someone puts me in a body bag, and I'm not even dead yet!

This happened to a 78-year-old Mississippi man late Wednesday night.  Walter "Snowball" Williams of Lexington, Miss. was pronounced dead at his home late Wednesday night by the Holmes County Coroner Dexter Howard.  The only problem is, Mr. Williams wasn't dead! He was immediately taken by hearse to a local funeral home, where they planned to embalm him shortly thereafter.  Thankfully, Mr. Williams leg started moving in the body bag he was placed inside and that got the attention of the mortician.

The family of "Snowball" couldn't be more thrilled and said instead of planning a funeral, they're planning a celebration.  The family called it a gift from god and said it just wasn't his time to go just yet.  Is there a medial explanation for what happened?  The coroner called it quote; "a miracle."