A 30-year-old guy named Matt White was at a grocery store in Memphis earlier this month. And a 16-year-old kid named Chauncy Black offered to carry his bags to the car, if he'd buy him some donuts because he was hungry. So Matt started talking to him and found out his mom is disabled and ended up buying him the donuts and a week's worth of groceries. Then he drove him home, met his mother, and saw the conditions they've been living in.

Money has been so tight that Chauncy hadn't gotten new clothes in over three years. But he's a good student who gets straight A's, and he's been trying to get a job to help out the family. So Matt posted about it on Facebook, and set up a GoFundMe page to raise $250 for a lawnmower so Chauncy could make money mowing lawns over the summer. And in two weeks, people have donated over 270 thousand dollars.

If you want to donate - GoFundMe.com. / Read more at Facebook.