Have we become this lazy or dependent on booze with every meal?

Fast food chains are realizing that American's love their fast food, and their alcohol. More and more fast food and quick service chain restaurants are testing alcohol as a way to gain revenue.

Four chains will being serving beer and wine:

Burger King now has three "Whopper Bars." Miami, Kansas City, and Las Vegas

Sonic in Miami and Fort Lauderdale will start selling draft beer, bottled beer, and wine this summer. For legal reasons you can't have it in your car, you gotta get out and sit on their patio to enjoy your cold adult refreshment.

Pizza Hut has sold beer in some of their restaurants, but now they are going to experiment with beer sales for delivery and takeout.

Starbucks has four locations in Seattle that now sell beer and wine.

No word on if or when these businesses will include any Minnesota locations.

Would you hit up a Starbucks for a glass of wine in the evening hours versus a happy hour location?

(USA Today)