A few weeks ago, I talked about a British Airways Survey that shared some nasty info. While on a 7-day vacation, men will only pack 3-pairs of underwear. Meaning, yes, they re-wear their dirty drawers.

But that survey took place over the "Big Pond." Is it really like that here in the U.S.?

According to a Clorox Bleach survey, its not far off.

Not all men are gross, only one in eight will wear their underwear at least TWO TIMES before putting them in the dirty pile. My thoughts, if you don't have many pairs of undies, buy more!

If you man only wears his drawers once, thank him (or you.) But the next time you are at the office and see 8 men in a room, one of them is wearing dirty undies!

Other findings from the dirty laundry files:

Men will wear their jeans 5 times before washing them. Which in my eyes is pushing it a little, but it all depends on what you are doing while wearing the jeans. Working outside in the heat all day everyday, yea, you may want to wash them more often.

Men will do the sniff test too to see if the clothes they are going to put on smell “fresh” enough. Hey, at least they smelt them first!