Have You Ever Complained About Poor Service? [Listen]
My wife and I recently went through a Dairy Queen Drive Thru and -- some time later -- left very unimpressed. I'm not usually one to send a complaint, but my wife was so offended she sent an email to corporate about our experience.
Canadian Kid Calls 911 To Avoid Eating Salad [LISTEN]
Every morning Ashli and Dave O. bring you the 'Not So Fake News' of the day. Some of these stories are crazy, wild and down right unbelievable...but, they're true. Or, at least that's our story and we're sticking to it. Sometimes, Minnesota ends up on our list....sometimes.
Minnesota Ranked Second Best State For Working Dads
Wallet Hub recently ranked Minnesota among the best states for working dads. The website states that times are changing and so is the role men play in their children's lives. In the 1960's, 75 percent of families only relied on the income of the father. More than 60 percent of families tod…

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