Gregg Alexander (Singer/Songwriter) wrote, "You Get What You Give", about people who aspire to be famous, and Gregg's negative attitude  toward the world of "celebrity." He's saying that people should just be themselves instead of their aspiration to be someone else.
 Controversy arose as the closing lyrics accused the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Beck, Courtney Love and Hanson of being fakes and that the New Radicals will "kick their ass in."
No grudge seemed to evolve from any of the mentioned artists,in fact; Hanson collaborated with Gregg Alexander on their song "Lost Without Each Other" on the 'Underneath' album.
The reason the video was shot in a Mall (New York) was because Gregg Alexander said, "it epitomized society's fake culture of encouraging people to spend."
New Radicals, "You Get What You Get":

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