Sir Mix A Lot, YouTube
This song is about women with big butts, and the men who love them. Oddly enough Mix-a-Lot got the idea for this when he was watching the Super Bowl on TV and a Budweiser commercial came on with models who were way too skinny for his taste.
The outrageous video was briefly banned by MTV which added to the song's popularity, as Mix-a-Lot played on that controversy. Years later, many rap videos featured dancers with big, healthy butts.


This song opens with two Valley Girls disparaging a black woman with a big butt. It was the first successful Valley Girl integration since the song "Valley Girl" (Frank Zappa).

This brought Sir Mix-a-Lot national fame; previously he was locally popular in Seattle. Any other attempt as a follow up to "Baby Got Back" failed, however; he did have another hit as a songwriter he co-wrote  with Cee-Lo Green the Pussycat Dolls hit "Don't Cha."