Crash Test Dummies, YouTube
The songs about three children whose strange experiences seem normal at least to them. The theme is the strength of the family as a whole.
The Crash Test Dummies are from Canada and  began as a cover band while lead singer Brad Roberts studied to be a professor in English lit.
Roberts played guitar in the group but did not sing because he thought his voice was too deep, needless to say; a vocal coach convinced him he had a good, distinctive voice, and Roberts' deep baritone made this stand out on the radio (even today, very few people sing as low as he does on rock records).
 Roberts was nearly killed in a car accident back in 2000, but escaped with a broken arm before the car exploded.
The band is named after the devices used to test the effects of car accidents on humans.
The Crash Test Dummies once toured with Alanis Morissette.
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