If it's not First Dates with Toby Harris, or 7 Minutes in Heaven, The Bachelor, or The Bachelorette, then it's Burning Love. Episode 14 is a done deal and like most of those shows we get to hear comments from the contestants.

The ladies are back to discuss their roles in the show and what it was like competing for the everlasting and burning love of the heart of the show, "Mark".

These shows can get pretty ugly for a show about love. Didn't realize that love could be a death wish for some just based on the tempers expressed by a hand full of the contestants but then again when I think about it I can believe it.

I'm no Doctor of Love but when love is tattooed in your heart and all your hopes and dreams surround one guy or girl based on an idea of a television show, seems to  me you might want to re- think the definition.

I s this a show you might be interested in being a part of, going in to it that you might be the subject of rejection? Would it ruin you for life? Would you start to think you might not be worthy of anyone?

I would take a long hard look at the picture before I'd ever consider doing a show like this.

Let the heartbreak begin.