Remember when you used to ask your parents to help with anything and everything because they were your parents and that's what they were supposed to do? Well, not anymore. Thank you Internet. So, where do they go the most? 

Father does not know best and apparently neither does mom when kids have access to the internet.  A recent study revealed that the majority of 6 to 15 year old kids prefer to go to their computers and hit up Google for answers rather than ask mom and dad.  I have (3) teenagers myself and know they Google everything.   If they need help with their homework, its Google, help trying to get one over on me, its Google!!

Google Facts / Figures:
-Domain went live back in September of 1997 (already graduated college)
-Daily page views 7.2 Billion
-Monthly worldwide searches on Google sites 87.8 Billion
-Daily visitors for 620 Million
-Global search market-share 85.78%
-Global website ranking #1

Guess who else uses Google for most every question they have? This guy :)