Jen and I reported earlier this week  that the average women today would rather have their husband more talented in the kitchen than in the bedroom.  Well it looks like the ladies are getting their wish!!  

In a recent survey by the website, (52%) of women surveyed said their husband does most of the cooking . . . and (58% )admitted that their husband is a better cook than them.  The average woman can only cook about six meals from memory and (11% ) can't make more than three meals without even looking at a recipe book.

Want more?  How about (42%) of women can't make a typical spaghetti dish, (11%) have never made a roast and most have trouble making omelets or hard-boiling eggs.  About (78%) admit their mothers and grandmothers could have made all of those dishes and more without any trouble at all.

We want to see if this survey is true for most our our lady listeners here on the Mix...sound off and be HONEST!!