The name you give to a newborn baby says more about the child's parents than it does about the child. A name communicates a wealth of social information, including the parents' tastes and background. "We're in the middle of a naming revolution," commented Laura Wattenberg, author of "The Baby Name Wizard." Half the babies born in the 1950s were given one of the top 25 most common boys' names or one of the top 50 most common girls' names.

Fast forward to today, and you would have to list the 134 most popular boys' names and top 320 girls' names to cover half the babies born in a year. A baby's name tells others the parents' values and tastes and often their dreams and ambitions for their child. So, what is most different today than 50 years ago? Parents today tend to believe their baby's name should be a unique signifier that separates them from everyone else. "Names never had to be unique.

Thoughts? I was named after actor / heart throb Chad Everett :)