It seems like the only thing I see on my Twitter are posts about how stressed people are about finals week. My school never really had "finals" so I'm no expert on how to handle them. But I do know how to take a good break and clear your mind! So I came up with 5 "brain breaks" you can use if you need a break from studying, or just from life in general!

5. Go On an Adventure - There are so many walking paths and trails around St. Cloud and the weather is gorgeous! Get on a trail and walk for a while!

4. Retail Therapy - Grab a buddy and head to the Crossroads Mall. Set a price limit and see who can come back with the weirdest purchase in a set amount of time.

3. Catch Up on a YouTube Series - I enjoy watching videos where they melt things with red hot nickel balls. It is oddly satisfying.

2. Find a Craft on Pinterest and Do it Without Reading Instructions - Just like I do every week with Pin-Trying

1. Call Your Favorite Radio Station - Give our favorite radio station a call (the number is 320-251-5695) and request a song. Take a break from studying until you hear your song and after that hit the books again!

What is your favorite brain break? Leave me a comment below!