St. Cloud has definitely changed over the years--the population, people, landscape and local business scene. There are a few places in St. Cloud that were loved by many that no longer exist anymore. Take a drive down memory lane and see how many of these places you remember!

1. Old Rox Stadium-The St. Cloud Rox used to be a minor league franchise that lasted until 1971. They were part of the Northern League.They had a stadium located where the Lunds & Byerlys building currently sits.

2. Municipal Pool-The swimming pool, located in Eastman Park, was dedicated in July 1947. The pool hosted many U.S.A swimming competitions over the years but was ultimately shut down in 2002 due to low attendance and high upkeep costs.

3. Pirate's Cove-It was a popular supper club in St. Cloud for nearly 30 years. A fire wrecked havoc on the restaurant in the late 1990's. It was sadly never rebuilt.

4. Dietman's Grocery- This was a popular grocery store on the south side of St. Cloud. Many residents made a quick stop at the store in the summer before and after swimming at the municipal pool. According to the Stearn's History Museum's "St. Cloud Remembered" Facebook page, a popular item at the store was always banana Popsicles.

5. OK Cafe-It was a favorite eating spot by many locals. It was located along St. Germain Street in St. Cloud.

What other places no longer exist that you wish would come back, or that you loved to frequent?