A lot of people don't like cats. But what if your cat was more like a dog? What if you'd found your cat in a bad situation and then helped him survive terrible odds? You'd probably love your cat even more.

3. He's a dog-like cat

Unlike most cats, who are super playful, Garfield likes to follow you like he's on a leash. He wants to be picked up, and he meows for attention.

2. I found him under a stop sign, in a box, on my way home from work one day

I was working in Northern Minnesota taking backroads on the way hokme. I pulled up to a four-way stop and saw a box with two kittens pawing around the box. One was white and the other was orange. I took them home.

I brought them home to my parents house, and they live on a farm. No one was happy at first, but he soon because the favorite of everyone, including my parents. (Garfield's brother Link died a few years ago after he came down sick.)

1. He survived a near-death experience with a hawk

He was a young cat, out hunting, and he came back looking really bad. He was walking like he was fine, but his whole back was cut open. His back had been that way for awhile before I saw him, and his back had gotten affected.

We drove him to the hospital. So the surgeon did a surgery he had never tried before, shaving the bone and then sewing Garfield back up. The doctor put him on medicine for about a month. We thought he'd always limp, but he doesn't. He does still go hunting.