Glitter, dark smokey eyes, fake eyelashes, body paint all look fabulous once your costume is all done. Trying to get it to all come off is a nightmare in itself.

Last year when I "dressed up" as my Boston June, my body was stained black for at least a week and I ruined several wash clothes trying to get it off! I found a great website with several tips on removing Halloween Make-up the easy way!

How to Remove Stubborn Halloween Make-Up from Daily Makeover.

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    Removing False Eyelashes

    False lashes can add flare to the dramatic eye. Thing is, they can be a pain to take off. You want to avoid irritating the eye and damaging your own lashes.

    To remove, grip the lash from the longest point (the outer corner) and peel inward. Maybe you didn't get the hot pink feather lashes this year and went for ones you can re-use to draw attention to your beautiful eyes whenever you want. When removing lashes that you can use again, try massaging a little makeup remover into the strip and then once they are peeled off reshape the lashes and place them back into the case with the lid open to the moisture can evaporate.

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    Removing Face and Body Paint

    Make-up with stay-put power is nice, but when your makeup or body paint stain your body, it's not always a good thing the next day at the office (or school if you put body paint on your child.)

    Four steps for removing and long-lasting make-up are remove, dissolve, scrub, and cleanse.

    First use a makeup remover all over the area with the paint. Then follow with a deep cleansing oil. It will dissolve a lot of residue on the skin. Next, use a scrub to get rid of the oil that was brought to the surface. Then finally, clean the skin with a foaming cleanser.

    Lots of work, but much better than looking like you just had a chemical peal for day on end.

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    Removing Face and Body Glitter

    Going as a Twilight Vampire or a Glitter Fairy this year? You know getting the glitter off is much harder than you think. It goes everywhere and refuses to come off!

    This is probably the easiest and best trick to getting off that pesky glitter. You ready for it?!

    SCOTCH TAPE! Yes, the same tape you will be using in the next month or two to wrap up Christmas Gifts is also a magic tape to removing glitter!

    Use scotch tape on softer areas like the face to remove the bulk of the glitter before washing. And for glitter on larger areas of your body, use packing tape before jumping in the shower.

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