Today I turn 21 years old! To celebrate I put together a list of 21 important things I have learned in 21 years!

1. "Just say yes and figure out the rest later" – Tina Fey

2. Its always a good idea to have an emergency change of clothes in your car.

3. It is also smart to keep an emergency swim suit in your car…. You never know.

Abbey Minke Townsquare Media

4. Most strangers will let you pet their dogs. You just need to ask nicely.

5. If you don’t try new food you won’t know if you like it or not. Octopus is amazing.

6. The easiest way to clean a shower is to clean it while you shower.

7. Peanut butter m&M’s are not a substitute for an entire meal. Neither are sour cream and onion chips.

8. "Thank you" notes are very important.

9. Real handwritten letters are also important. Fill them with glitter…. Trust me.

10. Work should be taken seriously, but not too seriously.

11. Never miss out on an opportunity to experience something new.

12. It's always better to wake up in the middle of the night to give a drunk friend a ride home than it is to go to a funeral.

13. Time with grandparents is important. Listen to their stories. They are usually really funny.

14. Sometimes all you need is a lawn chair and a good book.

15. Always check your pockets before you put pants in the washer.

16. A sturdy, protective phone case is way better than a cute one.

17. Hanging out with your parents is fun. Took me 20 years to figure that one out.

Abbey Minke Townsquare Media

18. When shopping for pool floats, always go with the crazy shaped ones.

19. Adding BBQ sauce to chicken flavored ramen doesn't give you BBQ chicken ramen. It gives you a stomach ache.

20. McDonald's will not give you a cheeseburger before 10 AM. Ever.

21. Love what you do, every day. Its amazing how much better life is when you wake up excited for every day.

Also a big thanks to my radio family for putting together this awesome video! I love you all!