According to a new poll. 21% of women who've been engaged say they weren't thrilled by the proposal.  The top five reasons are; He didn't make it special, he didn't get down on one knee, he didn't get her parents blessing beforehand, the ring didn't fit or he proposed without having the ring.

I went through the top five reasons, and realized, I didn't do 2 or 3 out of the five, when I popped the question to Tracy.  She would argue on the 'special' but I know I didn't get her parents blessing beforehand and I didn't get down on one knee.  It makes me sad to think about this now and I so want a do-over.  She deserved all of those things, and I failed to deliver.

Something else I found surprising was, that 45% of the women in the poll, said they would have been willing to fork over some cash to pay for a better ring and 7% actually did it! This may be a bit petty, but 24% didn't like any of their friends engagement rings but I'm sure they would never admit that to them.