We had a great time chatting with the very beautiful Aimee Garcia this morning on the Get Up & Go Show. She's fast becoming one of Hollywood's most engaging and sought after actresses appearing on both the small and big screen. Aimee called to chat about the hit Showtime series Dexter and how much fun she had at this years Comic-Con.

How crazy are the Dexter fans and how bananas was Comic-Con?

Fans take their "Dexter" watching very serious.

Didn't you nab the lead role in a Chorus Line at Northwestern University?

Aimee's been hard at it since age 7 and her Midwest work ethic (born in Chicago) is working for her. She's currently the only "Latina" in her generation to be on syndicated television (thanks to the George Lopez show) and has joined the cast of Robocop, the remake of the 1980's sci-fi film. The film will hit theaters February 7, 2014.

Catch Aimee playing the role of nanny "Jamie Batista" on Dexter every Sunday night 8PM Central on Showtime.