Good Morning Central Minnesota.  Enjoy the next couple of days.  Temps are going to be steady in the mid to upper 80's.  Have a safe and fun 4th of July holiday.

Celeb Birthdays Include:  Tom Cruise (51) and Andrea Barber (37) **Kimmy Gibler on Full House.

Last week, a 60 year old lottery winner was sitting in a Canadian diner and found out the owners 25 year old daughter had just been diagnosed with cancer.  So a few days later, he went back and paid for his burger and fries with a $10,000 check.  He told the owner to keep the change.

Hannah from St. Cloud knew all 3 songs this morning in "Song Pop Radio."  She picked up lunch at the American Burger Bar and bragging rights for the week.  The category was "I Love Rock and Roll" **All Summer Long, Living on a Prayer and Turn Up The Radio.

According to a new survey, 79% of men pay attention to what their wife or girlfriend where on her feet.  **some highlights 71% hate wedge heels and 59% think she has bad taste in shoes.

Jen gives us the TRUE facts about the American Flag and more inside the "Junk Drawer" this morning.

According to a new survey, the most annoying thing you can do on Facebook is BRAG!  Two thirds of people have unfriended someone for bragging. People also hate sappy status updates and too many status updates!

We featured the new Backstreet Boys single "In A World Like This" inside the New Music Spotlight.  Once again we have a winner with the listeners.  It a labeled a "Download" and not a "Delete."  Their new album drops July 30th and they go on tour later this summer.

Rumor has it R-Pat has moved on from K-Stew with one of her close friends and Elvis's granddaughter, Riley Keogh.