I went to the Twins home opener yesterday and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't freezing my a$$ off most of the game. But, like a true Twins fan I still showed up to support my home team! If you decided to be smart and watch the game from home cuddled up under warm blankets--I need to learn from you. Here's what you missed;

1. Blankets-It seemed like everyone had a blanket at the home opener yesterday...myself included. It helped shield me from the wind a little bit.

2. Twins beanie hats-I was actually a little jealous of everyone who had a cute Twins beanie! I feel like if I buy a cute beanie hat this year, home opener will be super nice and hot out next year. It's so risky.

3. People huddled under heaters-The heaters were a heaven send if your seat was in the shade. I feel like there were more people standing under the heaters than there were sitting in seats.

4. Hot chocolate-I can honestly say that I've never been to a game where it looked like more people were drinking hot chocolate than beer. It definitely happened yesterday.

5. Garbage blowing all over and on the field-The wind was so crazy that garbage blowing was out of control. There were a few times that the Twins players picked trash off of the field and put it in their pocket until the inning was over.

6. Red sweat shirts-Red sweat shirts were given away free to fans when they entered the stadium. I grabbed one for extra insulation to protect against the cold wind. Plus, they look really slick. Also, I should mention that the shaded areas of the stadium felt 40 degrees colder than the sunny spots.

7. Winter jackets-Nearly everyone had their winter jackets on. That's just not something I'm used to seeing at a baseball game. If you didn't have your winter coat on at the game yesterday, chances are you wished you did. Burrrr!

8. Gloves/Mittens-There's no chance that you were clapping along to the chants if you didn't have gloves or mittens on. I had mittens on and my fingers were still freezing cold!

9. Protest signs-There were some Black Lives Matter protest signs hung up in the outfield. They weren't there long before they were cut down by management. They were still up long enough for many people to take notice.

10. A seventh straight loss. It's one thing to watch the loss on TV and it's another thing to experience it in person. The crowd booed the players at the end of the game. There weren't many happy campers yesterday.