I recently read an article titled "10 Things You Learn When You Date a Disney Fan". It was scarily accurate, but it gave me the idea to write out "10 Things You Learn When You Date/Are Friends With a Radio DJ". So here it is!
1. We always need to be in control of the radio on car trips, even if its just going to the grocery store.

2. Breaking news in the community, we know it before you tell us.

3. The latest celebrity gossip, once again, one step ahead of you.

4. We have met a lot of really interesting people working in this profession, we don’t try to name drop, but sometimes its just work related.

5. We are the weird people that love their jobs.

6. Headphones are key staples in our wardrobe

7. Along with shirts from our station

8. Sometimes we forget that you don’t speak our language, and when we complain about adobe audition, or the ramps being too short, we don’t mean to confuse you

9. There will never be enough coffee to satisfy our needs.

10. We are weird and proud of it! But it’s a fun good weird!

What's something odd about your profession that a potential boyfriend or girlfriend would need to know? Leave a comment below!