The Minnesota fishing opener is this weekend, which is pretty much a state holiday! I don't know about you, but sometimes I get so excited that I forget to pack important things for the trip. Here at 98.1, we've got your back. Here are a few things to remember to stuff in your suit case before you head off to the cabin!

1. Fishing pole--It might seem obvious...but, trust me--when you're excited to fish, you can be pretty forgetful.

2. Bait--I've forgotten to bring fishing bait so many times that it's kind of sad. I'll grab my fishing gear, a cute hat, sunblock and snacks...but, I forget to buy the bait.

3. Clean underwear--No one wants to sit in a boat with someone who has been sweating in the same underwear for multiple days. Bring an extra pair...or three.

4. Fishing license--Fishing licenses are super cheap--But, the fine for not having one isn't! You can pretty much get a fishing license at any gas station.

5. Food/water/beer--Last year, my fiance Dave went on a "man's" fishing trip with his family. They all forgot to bring food with them. I'm not joking. They all brought chips and cookies. That's pretty much what they ate at every meal for days. You can bet food is at the top of his list this year.

6. Sun screen--This is an absolute MUST. Come Monday morning, everyone will be able to tell who went on a fishing trip and forgot their sunblock. You'll be fried like a lobster. Even if it's cloudy and a little chilly, you can still tan through the clouds.

7. Bug spray--While we're on the topic of skin care, remember to pack the bug spray. Nothing will ruin a fishing trip faster than itchy skin from mosquito bites.

8. Radio--Newer boats typically have a built in radio. But, if you're a little old school make sure to put one in your suit case. Otherwise, you'll be listening to the sounds of nature for days...which, isn't really all that bad.

9. Sunglasses--Forgetting your sunglasses at home could ruin your entire trip. There's nothing worse than having the sun in your eyes all day long. Do yourself a favor and put them in your bag now.

10. Camera--Most people have cell phones with cameras on them these days. But, if you don't, or if you don't bring your phone in the boat with you, make sure you've got a camera to take a picture of you with your giant fish or little minnow!

Bonus: Don't forget to pack your winter gear too. It's going to be a chilly fishing opener. Jackets, long underwear, hats, all might get used this weekend. Have fun fishing!